Dogs – all dogs will have access to outdoor runs 4 times daily

  • Indoor-only kennel (2’8” x 6’): $23.00/night per dog
  • Indoor/outdoor kennel (indoor – 2’8” x 6’, outdoor 2’8” x 10’): $28.00/night per dog
  • Indoor Suite (6’ x 6’, double occupancy): $40.00/ night for the first pet, $20.00/night for additional pet
  • Garden Creek suite (4’10” x 7’): $50.00/night for the first pet, $25.00/night for each additional pet
  • Sunrise Vista suite (7’4” x 7’, double occupancy): $75.00/night for the first pet, $25.00/night for each additional pet

Cats – all cats will have daytime access to our play area

  • Single Condo: $15.00/night
  • Multi-Level Condo: $25.00/night

Exotic Pets – kept in a private, quiet, specially ventilated and heated room

  • Exotic (anything other than a cat or dog): $15.00/night; please bring your own feed, cage, aquarium, etc.

Special Cases

V.I.P. (diabetic animals, or others with conditions requiring intensive medical attention) will need to be boarded at Casper Animal Medical Center, please call (307)237-8387 to make your V.I.P. reservations

Miscellaneous Services

  • Bath ($12.00 – animals up to 39#; $15.00 – animals 40# or more)
  • Dogs boarded 7 nights or more are bathed free of charge before they are sent home!
  • Does not include clipping or mat removal.

Additional Services

  • Toenail trim (by veterinary technician): $8.50
  • Express anal glands (by veterinary technician): $20.00Bedding Rental – you will be charged the replacement fee if the item must be discarded after your pet uses it.
  • Small plush bed (12” x 17”): $2.00/night – $15.00 replacement
  • Large plush bed (28” x 43”): $4.00/night – $30.00 replacement
  • X-Large plush bed (30” x 49”): $5.00/night – $30.00 replacement
  • Small orthopedic/memory foam bed (22” x 30”): $4.00/night – $30.00 replacement
  • Large orthopedic/memory foam bed (30” x 36”): $5.00/ night – $40.00 replacement

Doggie Daycare

Reservations for Doggie Daycare that are made by 5:00 pm the night before

  • $15.00 per day / $9.00 per half day (4 hours of less)
  • 10 day Play pass $135.00 (10% off) – Must pay in advance
  • 20 day Play pass $255.00 (20% off) – Must pay in advance

Please let us know about ANY pre-existing or existing medical conditions of which we need to be aware, such as diabetes, seizures, congestive heart failure, etc.

In an emergency circumstance, doctors and staff at Casper Animal Medical Center will be contacted to provide veterinary medical care as needed for your pet.


Sunrise Pet Lodge offers a chance for your pets to interact with other pets while they are here for boarding. We’ll take your pet out during the day for additional exercise and plenty of activities. with lots of extra attention while your away! Call now for more details.

Boarding charges are accrued on a per-night basis. If your pet is picked up after 12:00pm (noon), there will be an additional half-day charge for that day.

An additional charge will apply if you are unable to pick-up or drop-off your pet at the regularly scheduled times.

Saturday and Sunday pick-up/drop-off times are from 8:00 am – 10:00 am and 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm ONLY.

48 hour notice is required for cancellations, or you will be charged for your reserved boarding dates.

Special cancellation policies apply to Holiday Boarding; please call us for details.