Horse Boarding

We strongly suggest that you bring your horse to the clinic to take advantage of our specialized horse facility. If not possible, procedures commonly done in the field include: physical exam evaluation, administration of medications, laceration repair, superficial tumor removal, castrations, wound care, hoof injury and abscess care, joint injections and more.

Digital X-Ray

We have a Metron mobile digital x-ray machine that can be used for radiography, and a digital ultrasound unit that can be utilized for reproductive services. Digital capabilities enable us to have higher definition images as well as being able to email a copy or save it on a CD.

Equine Dentistry

Casper Animal Medical Center provides complete on-site dental care for your horses. Our mobile digital X-ray machine provides instant access to to X-rays which provide the doctor with diagnostic information to evaluate your horse’s dental care needs.

Ranch Call

We always have an on-call veterinarian after hours. We are available 24/7 for prompt, professional response to local horse owners and referring veterinarians. In addition to seeing our patients at “home” we also are able to provide veterinary services at local equestrian events.